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  • "Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth, and your attitude."

    —Mandy Hale (via behanbin)

    Q: the american flag on the moon has been bleached white by the sun!


    Q: *points at space* i'm gonna fuck that

    Q: a soup can full of neutron star material would have more mass than the moon


    Q: space is actually hella dark. all those colorful pictures are computer generated. they basically say 'this gas will be this color, ect' so space isnt very bright and colorful after all. unless you can see the colors of gasses.

    OH! that’s really saddening but I guess it was expected!!

    Q: it's thought that there's a planet out there made entirely out of diamonds

    that sounds so beautiful wtf!!!!!!!!

    Q: the apollo astronauts' footprints on the moon will likely remain there for another 100 million years


    Q: theres a tiny sun about as hot as boiling coffee because it doesn't have enough gravitational strength to create fusion energy or smthn i donnntnknow if thats acurate


    that’s so cool though because you’d think any sun out there would be, at the very least, 1000 degrees so to think that there may be a sun out there that’s as cold as boiling coffee is actually pretty cool„„ I MEAN, IT MUST BE HOLDING ON TO DEAR LIFE